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Heart of Sidley

Our vision is to improve & regenerate Sidley village & its surrounding area by working together as a community.

Act. Belong. Commit

In 10 years’ time Sidley will be a place where people are actively involved in their community.

They'll be proud to belong to Sidley and have a commitment to its future.

(We’re in Y9 of 10).

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What's on in your local area

What our residents say

"Dear Heart of Sidley, I wanted to write and tell you just how much I appreciated the Christmas tree this year, more than other years because I am shielding . I can see the tree from my kitchen window and in the middle of the night , when I can’t sleep, I would go and get a glass of water and look out of my window and smile, I love Christmas and this year I missed my family so much, but that big tree bought me a lot of joy and peace. Thank you." L Harvey

“I would like to Thank the Heart of Sidley very much for the delicious Cream tea that was delivered to my door, it was greatly appreciated, I am looking forward to the day when we can return to the community lunches and see everyone again.” M Coxhead


“To receive the afternoon tea was a lovely surprise. The food itself was delicious, well presented in it’s own little box and had a personalised note inside. It felt as though I had not been forgotten.” Anon

“We have had a wonderful time putting together these hampers and gifts for our lovely clients this week enabling us to help people in financial difficulties over the Christmas period. We would like to thank Heart Of Sidley for the generous donation of food vouchers for our Sidley clients.”  Christians Against Poverty - CAP

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