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Sidley is a beautiful village in the North of Bexhill, on the East Sussex Coast, near Hastings.  It is a community of approximately 4500 residents, living largely in post-war social housing. Many in the community have been resident for a number of generations. Local Trust and partners are pleased to be engaging and supporting the residents and those who work in this Big Local area to get started on their journey, helping to implement change to Sidley village and creating links to its surrounding areas.




We have a vision for the future which will improve and regenerate Sidley village and its surrounding area by working together as a community.
We are aiming to build on the community spirit and help unite both young and old people. We are hoping to set up a drop-in shop where the community can meet, have refreshments, use computers, share ideas and find out lots of information about Sidley.
We want to get as many people involved developing visions for the area and to express their hopes for the future, to say what's important to them and what would make the local area a better place to live.
HEART OF SIDLEY is led by a partnership, which consists of local residents and traders with voting powers to agree projects for the future. We will work to meet the areas long term BIG LOCAL community vision over the next ten years and that's just the start.
Please let us know if you have an idea for a project that you would like to see happen or one that you are involved in that we may be able to assist with. Together we can achieve our vision. We are happy to publicise events which are taking place that address the important social, economic and environmental issues that have been identified in this area.

There are lots of things to do and it's up to local people to decide what they want to see happen. Join us or share your ideas to change things for the better.
A million pounds may sound like a lot of money, but over ten years it's not so much. Our challenge is to put that money to work, starting new activities, lending it to support new projects, investing in new ideas, training up people to run these projects and above all using it to get more money. It's an opportunity to invest the money rather than just spend it. Let's use it well!!!


Do you live in the "Heart" of Sidley?

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Contact us using any of the following:

Telephone: 07718100025 or 01424 728041

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