Our Vision

Heart of Sidley is a 10-year project, and by 2025 Sidley will be a place where people will want to be actively involved in a community that they are proud to belong to and that has a commitment to its future.    

Act, Belong, Commit.

Priority 1: Communications

Developing good communications so that residents can get information on local activities/facilities and how and where to access them.

Priority 2: Investment & Enterprise

Ensuring that the people of Sidley have a platform to showcase their abilities by investing in our potential and creating new opportunities

Priority 3: Environment, Image & Community Pride

Improving the physical environment to promote a more positive image of Sidley and encourage people to come to Sidley to use our shops, businesses, and facilities thereby creating pride in our community.

Priority 4: Community Support & Activities

Provide a range of activities that will inspire people to participate, take ownership and forge a strong community spirit

Priority 5: Community Facilities

Supporting community facilities to cater to the needs of all ages, the vulnerable, disabled, and isolated.