Sidley Recreation Ground

We are incredibly proud to have been a part of the incredible new BMX and Skatepark Project at Sidley Recreation Ground. We also subsidise weekly sessions, so that Sidley children can attend for just £2!

Bexhill BMX Race Track and Jump Park

Located at Sidley Recreation Ground, new BMX facilities provide opportunities for riders of all abilities

to enjoy the thrill of BMX-ing.

Whether you are new to BMX-ing or experienced, whether you want to compete in a race, hone your jumping skills, take part in organised coaching sessions or simply ride for fun, the race track and jump park provides an exciting and safe environment for you to bring your bike.

The six-rider floodlit dirt race track features tarmac berms, a modern start gate for race situation and a split second straight offering advanced riders the option of a more challenging ride. The dirt jump park also has and advanced pro-line for competent riders and other lines with a variety of jumps to challenge most riders.

For help on getting started contact JumpClub, the local BMX Club who will be able to answer all your questions from what equipment you’ll need to technique, how to set up and maintain your bike and BMX-ing etiquette.

The club runs regular coaching sessions for all ages and abilities and welcomes all new riders. Heart of Sidley are proud to subsidise these sessions for Sidley Children, meaning any child living in Sidley can attend for just £2.

A message from your local BMX Club

All successful BMXers take their time to learn the basic skills, one step at a time. Practice safely, within your own limits and at your own pace. We want your first experience to be a safe one, so please contact us for help if you are unsure. Keep a look out for our regular coaching sessions and activities. We are experts in helping new-comers learn the basic skills and to understand the safety features necessary to enjoy yourselves. We work hard to look after the track and jump park for everyone’s benefit so please respect each other and the area.


A note on safety

Bexhill BMX and Skate Park is an extreme sports facility and not a playground. It is an unsupervised facility and should be used for its intended purpose only. All persons use it at their own risk. Rother District Council and its employees do not accept responsibility or liability for any claim, loss or damage whatsoever which may result from its use.

For the safety of users, a code of conduct is displayed on site which we ask all riders to respect. This includes the need to use protective equipment, for individuals to ride within their ability, to pay attention to others and wait their turn.

To ensure both riders and the public stay safe and to prevent damage to the facilities, especially the BMX race track and jump park, we ask that dogs, scooters, motorised vehicles including remote controlled cars and motorbikes are not brought onto the facilities.

Car Parking

Unfortunately, no car parking facilities are available on-site. Parking on Canada way is for residents only. A free car park is located approximately 5 minutes walk away, behind the Ninfield Road shops at TN39 5BA.