Meet the Partners

Our partnership is made up of residents and those with a business within the Heart of Sidley.

jay carroll resized

Jay Carroll - Chair of the partnership

I run the Carrolls the Greengrocers in Sidley; I have worked here for many years and I am interested in seeing Sidley become a go to place to shop for local people. I am also the lead person on Environment Image and Community Pride.

trevor Ramsden resized

Trevor Ramsden - Deputy Chair

I have lived in Sidley for many years; I previously worked at Sidley Sports Club for 10 years as groundsman. I am a Level 2 Cricket Coach still involved with coaching. I now run my own business - Gardening and I arrange the Sidley Clean-ups in the summer months.

linda seddon

Linda Seddon

I have lived in Sidley since 2000, but Sussex since 1998 (originally from Manchester) I am a carer for my partner and have five grandchildren living in the Heart of Sidley area. I  want to see things improve for the next generation of people in Sidley. I am currently the lead person for Communications.

Mark Fontaine

Mark Fontaine

I’m Mark Fontaine. I’m the local dry cleaner in Sidley. I care about the village and the people in it. I’ve also got autism and learning and motor disabilities.

helen bridger resized

Helen Bridger

I have lived in Sidley all my life and I am proud to say that. I am passionate about improving the lives of all who live in Sidley. I go to All Saints Church where I sing in the choir.

nikki collins

Nikki Collins

I became involved in the Heart Of Sidley after having postnatal depression with my son and feeling really isolated. Luckily for me I had a really supportive husband who told me to try out different groups and activities in the area. Once I had finished maternity leave and had started a new role as outreach coordinator for the University of Brighton, I really wanted to combine both my knowledge and personal experience to enhance the amazing community that Sidley is. I attended the Heart Of Sidley 2019 AGM, picked up a partner pack and have never looked back!

lynda harvey

Lynda Harvey

Hello, my name is Lynda and I am a retired Play Specialist who now lives at the Orangery which is in the Heart of Sidley. Being one of the youngest residents here, I enjoy helping with the organising of  activities at the Orangery and also love to bake cakes , I am especially famous here for my banana bread! I retired 10 years ago due to ill health, but I still feel that I have a lot to give , so when I heard about the Heart of Sidley, I wanted to get involved. Being a wheelchair user and also having a visual impairment, I feel I am able to help represent  people of all ages who have disabilities.

Steve Lucas

Steve Lucas

My name is Steve Lucas, I am married with 4 grown up kids,16 grandchildren and live in Sidley. I have been a chef most of my working life since 1973 mainly self-employed since 1984.  We moved to Bexhill in 2001 then in October 2015 we took on the New Inn in Sidley until 2018. I joined the Heart of Sidley partnership in 2016, so I could be involved with the decision making for the community in spending the £1 million Big Lottery funding. I am keen to support families in the community and bring Gulliver's back and be a much needed social centre for all. Up until March 2020 my family and I, with some other volunteers put on the older persons community lunches at All Saints Church.

stuart beckley

Stuart Beckley

I’ve lived in Bexhill for about 30 years and currently live at The Orangery where I run a social committee. I am keen to help people and speak out for residents' best interests and help the community. My own interests include course fishing and I used to do sea fishing. I am quite handy at fixing things, many years ago I used to work at William Parker School in maintenance and help out with improving the behaviour of the kids. When possible I am happy to help the Heart of Sidley, even if it’s checking on the planters in the High Street , or delivering Christmas cards from the partnership, it all helps.

Geoff Hoad

Geoff Hoad

Geoff is a non-voting partner as he lives outside the Heart of Sidley area, but has a passion for helping in the community.