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 Jay Carroll - Chair of the Partnership

"I run the Fruit & Vegetable shop in Sidley; I have worked here for many years and I am interested in seeing Sidley become a go to place to shop for local people. I am also the lead person on Environment Image and Community Pride".

Linda Seddon - Secretary of HOS

"I have lived in Sidley for the last 14 years and in Bexhill since 1988 (originally from Manchester) I am a carer for my partner I have 5 grandchildren living in Heart of Sidley area and want to see things improve for the next generation of people in Sidley. I am currently the lead person for Communications."

Philip Holloway – Vice Chair of HOS and resident

"I am a disabled man living in Sidley for many years interested in making things easier for everyone in HOS area especially disabled people."

Trevor Ramsden

"I have lived in Sidley for many years; I previously worked at Sidley Sports Club for 10 years as grounds man I am a Level 2 Cricket Coach still involved with coaching. I now run my own business - Gardening and I arrange the Sidley Clean-ups in the summer months."

Carol Thomas

"Originally from Canada, I have lived in Sidley since 2014 after living in London for 10 years and being involved with community projects there I hope to be asset to Heart of Sidley"

Mark Fontaine

"I’m Mark Fontaine and I work at Village cleaners. I joined Heart of Sidley because it is important that the traders get involved and support the partnership. When we work together we have a better chance of doing good things for the traders and the community.”

Helen Bridger 

I have lived in Sidley all my life and I am proud to say that. I am passionate about improving the lives of all who live in Sidley. I go to All Saints Church where I sing in the choir. We do a pantomime every year and recently helped to put together a Carnival float”.

Jackie Clifford

I have lived in Sidley for the last ten years, I am a carer for my husband.  Also I am the secretary for The Sidley Friendship club for the over 50s and have been for the last six years. Hopefully I would like to see more done for pensioners in Sidley”.




























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