Past Plans for the Gullivers Site

Past Plans:


Local community representatives have joined together with the purpose of purchasing the site of the former Sidley Sports and social ground and return it to the sporting community.

The sports club, on Glovers Lane, closed in 2013, leaving Sidley United Football club and Sidley Cricket Club without a ground.

Rother District Council’s cabinet has supported a recommendation that the site be designated within the council’s Development and Site Allocations Local Plan as being reserved for sports use with the inclusion of a full-size, all-weather football pitch, changing facilities and community hub space.

The community group, comprising of the Heart of Sidley, Sidley’s local cricket and football club, Sidley’s District Councillor, Jimmy Carroll, Bexhill and Battle’s MP Huw Merriman and other local residents.

Heart of Sidley Chairman, Jay Carroll said:

“For a number of years it’s been the ambition of the Heart of Sidley group to bring this ground back into use for the benefit of the Sidley community and sports clubs. We’ve spoken to many local residents and feel confident that the community supports our aim. We’re excited that things are starting to come together and that we have the support of key people and organisations to drive this project forward.”